How to install?


Installing maps is pretty easy. First off, download the map you want to install. This file is either packaged up, or directly a .lds file.

If the file is packaged (.zip or .rar) you should open it with a program such as WinRAR. When it's opened, copy the contents of the package to:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\worms reloaded\UserLandscapes

When this is done, you can play the map by going in game, and loading it normally through the Single Player or Multi Player level selection screen. (At the left side, there's a button called Load a custom landscape)

If the file is a .lds file, simply save the file to the directory mentioned above.


Mods should generally come with a Readme.txt file which contains instructions on how to install these mods.

But how do I make maps?

NOTE: You don't actually need to include a TGA file! Only the KEV and LDS are required! Please do not include the TGA files with submissions anymore!

Well, if you have a made a level in the in-game editor (without a TGA), it has generated an LDS file in the UserLandscapes folder. You can simply upload that to the site.

If you want to import an image as a TGA file into the game, please follow the instructions in this topic.



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